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Wines from the world

Selections of natural wines

Our research about the best natural wines often takes us beyond our borders to discover the philosophy of natural wine making in every part of the world and how it can successfully combine the composition of soil, climate, the type of grape in order to put the best possible product in the bottle without the help of external elements.


What distinguishes a German wine from a Slovenian, Italian or Greek one? How can we match wines and dishes from different countries? And how can a wine label help us discover the place it comes from?

At the Historical Faccioli Wine Shop we will guide you through this journey to discover near and far territories, wine culture and history. Because an event in a certain place can lead to the meeting of many people who mingle with each other by teaching each other techniques, which are then expressed in the creation of a product and that you can now rediscover in the tasting of a wine. A sip that translates taste into an image and takes you from the warm atmospheres of Spain, to the cold climates of Slovenia, passing through the forests of Germany, to the dominations of Georgia. We are waiting for you!


Markus Molitor, Bodega Barranco Oscuro, Cotar, Klinec, Movia, Microbio Wines, Clemens Busch, Sous Le Vegetal, Zorab Topuridze.