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Sweet wines

Selections of natural wines

A natural sweet wine to accompany dessert is a great way to end a meal whether you are alone or want to impress a guest (or more than one). It is important to know how to find the wine that will properly enhance the taste of what you have chosen, whether it is a spoon dessert, dried fruit or a piece of chocolate with special characteristics.
However there is another way to enjoy sweet wine besides the accompaniment with desserts, you will find it to be perfect during a moment of conversation, alone while listening to your favorite record or reading a book.

But how is it possible to get that incredible sugary taste which makes sweet wines so loved?

There are many different techniques used:


in order to create these wines the grape is left to dry either directly on the plant or placed on racks after harvesting.


it is obtained thanks to the high sugar coefficient of the acid that comes from the aggressiveness of some molds.


wines with added alcohol or cooked grape must.

These extraordinary processes are regulated by the vine-dressers who with the addition of the characteristics of the soil and the benevolent climatic conditions will produce an unforgettable sweet wine.


Our selection passes through Italian regions such as: Piedmont, Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Emilia – Romagna, Sicily. We know your mind is running in the direction of the most famous sweet wines of these areas, how not to think about a glass of Passito while sipping a Sicilian cannolo and the sweetness blends with the freshness of ricotta cheese.

In our selection you will find:

Barolo Chinato:

Barolo is left to macerate at room temperature with various spices such as cinchona calisaia bark, rhubarb and gentian root and cardamom seed. Alcohol and sugar are then added, creating an incredibly aromatic wine.


An ancient wine, originating from the Middle Eastern Mediterranean basin and popularized by the Greeks. Its variety originating from the white berry is the most valuable.


this wine takes its name from the white grape variety with which it is produced, a name of Arab derivation. Zabib which actually means raisin.


it is a term used to indicate different vines that differ from each other in terms of berry morphology, ripening times, fruit composition and complexity of vinification.