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Et voilà le Jura

There is no doubt that at this moment Jura wines are very “trendy”; they are unique wines, fresh, easy to drink, with the right acidity and a strong aromatic range… in a nutshell, “Funky Wines“.


The “Oxidative” wine is the symbol of the French area of Jura; it is made up of different types due to the variable permanence “sous voile” (the veil of indigenous yeasts) in drained barrels. It ranges from 2-3 years of aging, up to 6 years minimum for Vin Jaune.
Instead, the wines are vinified in the “classic” Burgundian way, that is in filled casks, they are called ” Ouillè”.



A very renowned vine, it comes from the nearby Burgundy. It is mainly vinified in Ouillè style. It is the most common white berried vine in Jura. Often used for Cremant as well.


Is the most characteristic white grape variety of Jura. Used exclusively for the production of Vin Jaune, it is often vinified in Sous Voile style and is characterized by great acidity and sapidity./p>

Poulsard o Ploussard:

A varietal characterized by its light color, medium body, great freshness and drinkability, highlighted by citrus and spice.


The second most common red grape variety, it is characterized by a more rustic style and a strong hint of spices.

Among the other vines we offer, you will find: Pinot Noir, Gamay, Savagnin Noir, Beclans.

The Historical Faccioli Wine Shop will guide you in the discovery of this magical land and its wines, we are waiting for you!



Philippe Bornard, Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillion, Domaine Buronfosse, Domaine Des Cavarodes, Domaine De L’Octavin, Domaine Labet, Domaine Des Marnes Blanches, Maison Pierre Overnoy, Domaine Tissot, Domaine Valentin Morel, Domaine De La Tournelle, Domaine des Bodines, Les Chais Du Vieux Bourg, Jean Francois Ganevat.