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The Food

The selections of dishes to savor


We are in Bologna, here the word food has a completely different meaning. The Bolognese don’t just eat, but each dish is a combination of flavors and colors that reflect a rich land that has enhanced every part of its territory, creating excellence recognized throughout the world. This attitude is in line with the philosophy of the Historical Faccioli Wine Shop, where research and love for excellence is an imperative. As for the wine, we spent a lot of time (someone had to sacrifice himself) to taste the raw materials in order to select the right proposal both of local products and of a wider range, which could be properly combined with our proposal of natural wines not only in taste but also in philosophy. Winemakers share with natural vintners the knowledge of the best production techniques which are enriched by the territory they come from.


Among our proposals you will find a selection of cured meats that are the hallmark of Emilia Romagna. The ever-present Mortadella, Culatello di Zibello and Prosciutto di Parma. In addition to this splendid selection there will also be 24 months Parmesan Cheese, a regional pride and the pickles which is much loved in Bolognese cuisine. Everything can be accompanied by a selection of focaccia.

If what you want is to continue to nibble on delicacies without any commitment, the menu offers a well-stocked selection of crostini that will tickle your appetite: from smoked eel to black pork lard and anchovies from Cetara.

For the finer palates who love to sip champagne glasses like in the roaring ’30s, we have chosen some Caviar Sel. Calvisius Prestige caviar to help you get into the mood.

And to end the meal on a high note, or if you have decided to have a meditative moment during your day, we have selected high quality chocolate to accompany our list of meditation wines (you can find the proposals in the sweet wines section).

The Historical Faccioli Wine Shop is ready to entice you with its culinary proposal, we are waiting for you!