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Selections of natural wines

Champagne, just saying its name is enough to evoke the worldwide fame of its bubbles.
Originating in the Grand Est region, in the French province of Champagne, the roots of its existence go back to the Middle Ages. A Benedictine monk brought it back in 1670 and since then it has been appreciated by kings and queens and by entire generations of artists, actresses and high society personalities who made it the elegant drink par excellence.


What attracts us when we have to choose a bottle of Champagne for our wine shop, is the philosophy that accompanies the artisan winemakers during every single processing. Those who are dedicated to the production of Champagne, create a product that embodies the single characteristics of its territory and enhances them in the final result.
The natural effervescence of Champagne depends on a strict selection of 3 grape varieties:

  • chardonnay: white grape, 26% of the vineyard area
  • pinot noir: black grape, 37% of the surface planted with vines
  • pinot meunier: black berried grape, characterized by a slightly later maturation than pinot noir, 37% of the surface planted with vines.

In addition to these, there are also the historical vines which are still authorized by the disciplinary: petit meslier, arbanne, pinot blanc, pinot gris.
Other distinguishing elements include the harvesting which is often done only by hand, the characteristic double fermentation and the famous mushroom-shaped cork which we have often seen popping up in movies, with an equally evocative spurt of foam.

The Historical Faccioli Wine Shop is waiting to transport you to another era thanks to its precious labels.


Agrapart & Fils, Françoise Bedel, André Beaufort, Francis Boulard, Chartogne-Taillet, Ulysse Collin, Egly-Ouriet, Jacquesson, Olivier Horiot, Laherte-Frères, Georges Laval, David Leclapart, Christophe Mignon, Jerome Prevost, Eugene Prudhomme, Jacques Selosse, Tarlant, Bonnet Ponson, Remi Leroy, Jeaunaux Robin, Philipponat, Champagne Clandestin, Alain Lamblot, Domaine Nowack.