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Red Wines

Selections of natural wines

A glass of red wine evokes the image of a convivial evening among friends, lots of talk, good food and that enveloping flavor that tells you about the places where that wine comes from. History is full of characters who have written stories, composed songs and studied subjects for paintings that have accompanied entire generations in front of a good glass of red wine.

One sip and you will be catapulted into the reality of those who have studied natural red wine, cultivated their grapes and put in them all the best the territory has to offer. Those who are dedicated to the production of natural wine know that every bottle can be a challenge, because a lot depends on the terrain and on the benevolence of atmospheric conditions.

Skill and a bit of luck give different bottles, a journey that always offers new ideas and never gets boring. We specialize in natural wines because we understand the dedication and care put in every bottle, just like we take care of our wine shop and its affectionate customers.


We are in Bologna, in Emilia Romagna and when talking about red wine we cannot forget Sangiovese, a fundamental element to accompany tasty traditional dishes and to fully understand the rich cultural climate of this splendid region.

In order to select winemakers of natural wines to be included in our proposal, we thought about the characteristics and the gastronomical choice of our country, focusing on exalting its best aspects, according to the philosophy of natural wines.

Find out more about our proposals we selected for you by downloading the list you can find at the bottom of this page.


Ca’ de Noci, Erioli, Il Teatro, La Stoppa, Podere Pradarolo, Quarticello, Vigne di San Lorenzo, Cantine del Castello Conti, Cappellano, Carussin, Rinaldi Giuseppe, Andrea Scovero, Hartmann Donà, Foradori, Manincor, Corte Sant’Alda, Marco Sara, Franco Terpin, Zidarich, Stefano Amerighi, Castell’ in Villa, Vigna I Mandorli, Emidio Pepe, Musto Carmelitano, Barraco, Francesco Guccione, Arianna Occhipinti, Tenute Dettori, Mutiliana, Cascina Fontana, Rivella Serafino, Monte dei Ragni, Terre di Pietra, Ronco Severo, Sorelle Palazzi, Giotto Bini, Longarico, Al di La del Fiume, Gradizzolo, Crocizia, Paolo Francesconi, Il Pratello, Giovanni Rosso, Pranzegg Weingut, La Biancara, Skerk, Massa Vecchia, Marchionni, Le Coste, Lammidia, Canlibero, Morella, Eduardo Torres Acosta, Frank Cornelissen, Caccianemici, Pian di Stantino, Gitana Wines, Piero Benevelli, Rocco di Carpeneto, Simone Scaletta, Giorgia Grande, Luca Bevilacqua, Halarà.


A sip of France for all intents and purposes, we will transport you from the French coasts to the forests and mountainous territories of Savoy.

A variety of landscapes, climatic conditions and characteristics of the soil enclosed in the most famous bottles of French natural wines.

Among the territories we love the most and that you will find in our selection we have: Auvergne, Burgundy, Còtes-du-Rhone, Champagne – Aube, Jura, Languedoc-Roussillion, Loire, Savoy.

Our selection ranges from the best known grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to the most sought after varieties such as Poulsard. A combination of aromas and flavors that will transport you directly to French soil.

The Historical Faccioli Wine Shop is waiting for you to recommend the natural red wine that best suits your taste and if you want a preview of the wines you can download our price list. We are waiting for you!


Chapuis & Chapuis, Domaine Ballorin, Domaine Chapoutier, Domaine Les Dimanches, La Sorga, Domaine des Houards, Domaine Le Briseau, La Grange aux Belles, Philippe Pacalet, Recrue des Sens-Yann Durieux, Domaine Dard e Ribò, Domaine de Pique-Basse, Philippe Bornard, Domaine Labet, Domaine Morel, Domaine Tissot, Patrick Bouju , Marcel Lapierre, Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillion, Domaine des Cavarodes, Maison Pierre Overnoy, Jean Yves Peron, Domaine No Control- Vincent Marie, Fanny Sabre, Domaine des Bodines, Domaine Ganevat, Remi Pujol, Olivier Pithon, Domaine de la Petite Soeur, Pierre Menard,