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Special size wines

Selection of natural wines

What’s better than a bottle of natural wine?

A bottle of natural wine with a special format.

A simple question with an easy answer.

At the Historical Faccioli Wine Shop, we are committed to selecting the best wineries that adopt the philosophy of natural wine, where the ability to combine the types of grape varieties, vinification methods, soil characteristics and climatic events, creates bottles that are always different and that offer something unique to those who sample them.

However, besides this, we want to give something more and this is where our special sizes come into play, the Magnum size of 1,500 liters and the Jeroboam size of 3.000 liters. Perfect to be given as a gift for an important event that will remain in the memory of those who receive such a precious gift.

The Faccioli Historical Wine Shop is waiting for you to help you choose a gift that will give you an unforgettable experience. You can download the list in order to consult the wines we offer.