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Sparkling Wine

Selections of natural wines

Sparkling wines and the atmosphere is instantly that of the 30s, cabaret and lively conversation while music plays in the background. Wine and its bubbles have always been part of the fantasy of the salons of high society where actors, painters and artists of any kind used to meet to chat and influence each other’s works.

But what are the origins of the beloved sparkling wines?

Sparkling wines originate from the action of natural yeasts which increase the levels of carbon dioxide, giving wine its irresistible effervescence.

The mastery of the winemakers is to be exalted and they preserve the techniques for the production of natural sparkling and fizzy wines, while studying the best characteristics of soils in order to optimize the grapes, in combination with the right moment of the year in which to intervene. All these efforts create new bottles every year, with unique characteristics that are a joy for those who try them./p>

The Historical Faccioli Wine Shop is waiting for you to stimulate your taste buds!


Furlani, Orsi Vigneto san Vito, Partida Creus, Ca’ de Noci, Podere Pradarolo, Quarticello, Jean-Louis Denois, Domaine Le Briseau, La Sorga, Cotar, Movia, Barranco Oscuro, Mongarda, Castello di Stefanago, Al Di La Del Fiume, Crocizia, Le Coste, La Biancara, Lammidia, Domaine Morel, Microbio wines, Malibran, Daniele Piccinin, Domaine Giachino, Domaine Des Huards, Arnaud Lambert, Caccianemici, La Grange Tiphaine