What we like: natural wines

vini naturali

What do we like? Surely, good wine (as we are in a wine shop…) and then good, genuine and natural food.
But what are natural wines? Many people have given some definitions… here are some of them:
…”some people are able to make wine without preservatives or other chemical additives, which are much better than the others. Obviously, this is not always true, because it’s more difficult to make them, but if there’s a delicate and skillfull touch, wines are more lively, more expressive and unique.” – Stefano Sarfati, preface of I QUADERNI DI SARFATI.
…”natural wines are a cut above. First of all, they allow terroir and characteristics of vintage to express without mediation” – Samuel Cogliati, I QUADERNI DI SARFATI.
…”a natural wine transmits the biodiversity beauty: a bottle will never be never be the same as another one, in opposition to the taste homogenization that was all the rage till now.” – from the website www.vino-bio.com

We like to say that we love good wine, the one which is well done, respecting nature and obtained without adding chemical additives in the vineyard and corrective actions in the cellar. Anyway, we like this kinf of wine wine created from a fruit that reflects its producer, who makes it with a lot of passion and dedicates his life to improve his production constantly.

Furthermore we love genuine food, with non-industrial, real, traditional tastes. Therefore we have selected a few products, which have a soul and come from a healthy agriculture, that expresses authenticity.
That’s what we like and this is why we would like to invite you to taste our products, hoping to reach the goal to transmit our pleasures and emotions… at least we try!