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What do we like? Certainly good wine, since we are in a wine shop… ..and then good, genuine and natural things.


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In our Wine List you can find more than 500 labels of natural, organic and biodynamic wines, of local, national and international origin, at least 60 of Vigneron Champagne.

What do we like: natural wines

What do we like? Certainly good wine, since we are in a wine shop… ..and then good, genuine and natural things.

But what are natural wines? Many have given definitions … .. we mention a couple:

… “There are people who are able to make wine without preservatives or other chemical additives, and they are much tastier than others. Not always of course, also because they are more difficult to make, but if the touch is sensitive and skilful, the wines are more alive, more expressive and unique, “- Stefano Sarfati, Preface of I QUADERNI DI SARFATI

… .. ”natural wines have an edge. First of all, they allow the terroir and the characteristics of the vintage to express themselves without mediation “- Samuel Cogliati, I QUADERNI DI SARFATI

Natural wine communicates the beauty of biodiversity: one vintage will never be the same as another, in contrast to the homologation of taste that has raged so far. Natural wines are good, more digestible, exasperating the concept to the limit, you can drink more!

But to approach a natural wine people must have the patience to understand what one’s tastes are, how they adapt to what we have in the glass.

The beauty is not to catalog the wine; in the world of natural wines, there are Organic Wine, Biodynamic Wine. Each of these definitions has its own logic and importance, it defines how wine is made and how virtuous the producer should be.

But we don’t like definitions, wine must please those who drink it, it must be done well and with conscience. We like to say that we like good wine, the one done well, the one that is made with respect for nature and obtained without the aid of chemistry in the vineyard and corrective measures in the cellar ……… but in any case we like that created wine from a fruit that reflects the vintage and those who produce it, who put a lot of passion into doing it, and who dedicate their life to doing it better and better.

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